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Ancient China Unit

Confucius Say China Old

The Hunters and the Hunted, The Search for China's Past

China Water Wisdom Worms and A Wall

Fortune Cookies More Than a Mouthful

Ancient China

Geography Affects China's Development lesson plan

Dynasties and Conquerors of China

Shang & Chou Dynasties

Qin to the Ming: The Hunters and the Hunted, the Search for China's Past

Following the Great Wall of China | EDSITEment

China How to Put Some Tang in Your Medieval Dynasties

Confucius Say

A Tour Through China

The Three Doctrines & Legalism

Debates on Censorship (2-3 days, Donn)

The Silk Road - middle school mini-unit

Traveling the Silk Road A Multimedia Approach

Traveling the Silk Road

The Silk Road - Connecting Cultures, Creating Trust (kids and teachers)

Chinese New Year Lesson Plans & Stories for Kids

Trade and Transportation

Family in Children's Literature

Lesson Ideas for Ancient China

The Tea Culture

Trade and Economy in Early Chinese history lesson plan

Tang, Song, Ming, Mongol Invasion, Modern China lesson plans

Legacies of Ancient China lesson plan

Religion in China lesson plan

China - Past and Present lesson plans

Asian Craft Ideas for Kids

Interactive Quiz for Ancient China (with answers)

Learning Modules/Resources

Daily Life in 4 Dynasties (Donn)

Ancient Chinese Inventions (Donn)

Confucius (Donn)

Animals of the Chinese Calendar (Donn)

China Project Page (Whitehorse Elem)

Chinese History (Electronic Passport)

Free Presentations in PowerPoint format

Free Games

Ancient Chinese Stories

Free Video Clips

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