Ancient China Classroom Activities and Projects for Teachers Illustration

Classroom Activities for Ancient China

Our Lesson Plans and Activities for ancient China - Designed for 6th grade, but can be adjusted for any grade

Proverb vs. Fable Activity: What is the difference between a proverb and a fable? (1-2 class periods)

Critical Thinking Activity: The Three Doctrines & Legalism

Debate Activity: Debate on Censorship (2-3 class periods)

The Eightfold Path: Intro to Buddhism. Ask students to read about each step on the Eightfold Plan. Student must select about which to write, identify these two steps, and give each of the two selected its Buddhist meaning. Direct students to describe why each step would, or would not be, difficult to follow here in America. Eightfold Path

Game Activity: The Silk Road Game (1-2 class periods)

Interactive Quiz for Ancient China (with answers)

Teaching Timelines:  A Computer Lab/Classroom Activity

Teaching Timelines Using Ancient China

Ancient China Map Activity

Make a Chinese Panel: Chinese painting typically has three sections, birds and/or flowers, figures, and glimpses of the countryside, which might include mountains, a field, a waterfall, a stream. The pictures create a feeling of harmony and balance. Some painting illustrate a poem, which is included on the painting. Many paintings were done with just a few brush strokes, to suggest, rather than detail, an idea. First, show your class some examples of Chinese paintings. Discuss how each reflects an idea or feeling. Then, using pencil or crayon, have your kids create a Chinese panel that illustrates an original poem they have written about Ancient China. This can be done as a group project, or individually. If time is tight, rather than paint, use precut pieces of colorful paper. Make sure you have enough glue sticks and sturdy paper or poster board.

Make a Shadow Puppet, and put on a show. First, read The Story of Ancient Chinese Shadow Puppets. Working in groups, write a story. Make your own shadow puppets and put on a show.

More Ideas for Ancient China: Submitted by Barbara D. Martin; California, USA
This was created for Ancient China, 6th-grade, but the concept could easily be adapted for any culture, any unit, any grade.

Instructions to my Class: Listed below are the points it is possible for you to earn in our special projects section, during our study of Ancient China. Space is provided at the end of every section so that you may write in a project that you wish to do which isn’t listed--just be sure to check with me (before you begin) to make sure that it’s OK. Be sure that you complete the required number of points from each section. You may earn the rest of your points from any area or areas you choose. Please write the number of each project on the project itself and turn it in with this paper as each project is completed. Note that the points listed are for points possible--if you don’t do a good job, you won’t earn many points. A=200+ pts., B=160+ pts., C=100+ pts., D=80+ pts. F is anything less than 80 points.

GEOGRAPHY-- Minimum 50 points required:

  1. Map of eastern hemisphere with geographic features 10

  2. Map of modern China with political divisions 10

  3. Map of China’s geographic features 10

  4. Map of sources of China’s products 10

  5. Map showing locations of archaeological finds 20

  6. Map showing boundaries of each dynasty 10

  7. Methods of travel and routes used in Ancient China 10

  8. Methods of travel and routes used in Modern China 20

  9. Flour and salt relief map painted to show geographical features 05

  10. List 10 major cities by longitude and latitude 05

  11. Do a Find-A-Word hand out on Ancient China 10

  12. Make your own Find-A-Word using China’s geographical features 10

ART-- Minimum 20 points required:

  1. Make a paper cutout 10

  2. Make a scratch-through of a Chinese scene you’ve drawn 5

  3. Draw pictures showing one product from beginning to end 10

  4. Make a paper mache mask used in a traditional Chinese play 10

  5. Draw one of the religious figures of China 5

  6. Draw replicas of modern China’s coins and give their value in U.S. dollars 10

  7. Draw 5 symbols of China, and tell why you chose them 10

  8. Build a pagoda, replica of the Great Wall, etc. 20

  9. Draw an illustrated alphabet of words about China: A=ancestor, B=bamboo, etc. 20

  10. Make a Chinese screen 10

  11. Draw a traditional Chinese landscape 10

  12. Make a typical “jade” carving out of Ivory soap. 15

  13. Reproduce one of China’s inventions 20

  14. Draw or reproduce ancient Chinese instruments 20

  15. Choose one of the minority people of China and illustrate the things that set them apart (houses, clothes, etc.) 5

  16. Reproduce ancient oracle bones or sticks 5

  17. Illustrate the development of money in China 10

  18. Make something with embroidery 10

HISTORY AND GOVERNMENT-- Minimum 30 points required

  1. Diagram the structure of government under one of the dynasties 5

  2. List accomplishments of each dynasty 10

  3. Make a crossword puzzle 5

  4. Find 10 newspaper articles which deal with China 5

  5. List things imported from China today 10

  6. Make a map of the “Silk Road” and list things imported to and exported from China 10

  7. List things of Chinese origin that are in general use in America today (food, vocabulary, etc.) 5

  8. Report on the conquests of a dynasty 5

  9. Diagram the difference of Legalism, Confucianism, and Taoism. 10 (A lesson plan for Legalism, Taoism & Confucianism can be found here)

GENERAL-- Minimum 20 points required

  1. Plan a 2 week vacation showing points of interest, places to stay in Ancient China 20

  2. Write letters for posters, information, etc. to the Chinese consul, airlines, etc. 5

  3. Bring to school and share with the class things from China 5

  4. Put up a bulletin board about Ancient China 10

  5. Do a 1 page report about a special aspect of Ancient China 10

  6. Write “A Day in the Life of...” an emperor, farmer, etc., of Ancient China 10 (Information about ancient China daily life can be found here.)

Note Home to Parents:

  • Projects worth a combined value of 50 points are due ____________.

  • Additional projects worth a combined value of 50 points are due ___________.

  • Date total project is due _______________

  • I plan to earn _________ points.

  • Student’s signature: __________________

  • Parent’s signature: ___________________ 


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