Ancient China Belief Comparison - Confucism, Taoism, Legalism Illustration

Belief Comparison - Confucism, Taoism, Legalism

Beliefs of Taoism:

  • Taoists believe people are not good or bad
  • Taoists believe people need to be in tune with nature
  • Taoists believe people do not need to argue or to be persuaded
  • Taoists believe in a simple life so you can be yourself

Beliefs of Confucius

  • He believed in respect; people should respect the ruler. 
  • He believed that people should respect each other.
  • He believed in good moral conduct. 
  • He believed in a code of behavior, a structured life. 

Beliefs of Legalists

  • Legalists believe in strict laws
  • Legalists believe in harsh punishment
  • Legalists believe in firm management and tight control.
  • Legalists believe these things are needed because people are naturally bad.




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