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Most people in ancient China were very poor farmers, living in villages with about 100 people or so. For thousands of years, daily life in ancient China was much the same for most people, no matter what dynasty was in charge. Different dynasties were in charge of different parts of ancient China. Different dynasties rose to power. But nothing ever changed. The people remained a mix of extreme extravagance and extreme poverty.

China was isolated by its natural barriers. It was not until the very short lived Qin Dynasty that China was first pulled together as one country. It was during the Han Dynasty that things began to change in ancient China, although most people remained poor farmers. By Tang times, daily life changed considerably!

Explore daily life in 4 very different Chinese dynasties. Meet weird emperors like Hu the Tiger. Read things written in BCE times. Learn about Taoism with Winnie-the-Pooh! Welcome to ancient China!

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Daily Life in Several Different Ancient Chinese Dynasties