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Ancient China Lesson Plans for Teachers

For Ancient China: These are original Free Use lesson plans, classroom activities, interactive activities, review activities, and concluding activities and projects written by us and by other teachers for ancient China.

Our Lesson Plans and Classroom Activities - Designed for 6th grade, but can be adjusted for any grade

The Eightfold Path: Intro to Buddhism. Ask students to read about each step on the Eightfold Plan. Student must select about which to write, identify these two steps, and give each of the two selected its Buddhist meaning. Direct students to describe why each step would, or would not be, difficult to follow here in America. Eightfold Path

Game Activity: The Silk Road Game (1-2 class periods)

Proverb vs. Fable Activity: What is the difference between a proverb and a fable? (1-2 class periods)

Critical Thinking Activity: The Three Doctrines & Legalism

Debate Activity: Debate on Censorship (2-3 class periods)

Teaching Timelines Using Ancient China A Computer Lab/Classroom Activity

Make a Chinese Panel: Chinese painting typically has three sections, birds and/or flowers, figures, and glimpses of the countryside, which might include mountains, a field, a waterfall, a stream. The pictures create a feeling of harmony and balance. Some painting illustrate a poem, which is included on the painting. Some examples of Chinese paintings. Discuss how each reflects an idea or feeling. Then, using pencil or crayon, have your kids create a Chinese panel that illustrates an original poem they have written about Ancient China. This can be done as a group project, or individually. If time is tight, rather than paint, use precut pieces of colorful paper. Make sure you have enough glue sticks and sturdy paper or poster board.

Make a Shadow Puppet, and put on a show. First, read The Story of Ancient Chinese Shadow Puppets. Working in groups, write a story. Make your own shadow puppets and put on a show.

Lesson Plans and Classroom Activities by other teachers - Designed for elementary, middle school, and high school. Each activity can be adjusted for any grade

Ancient China, 6 lessons, designed for grade 2 but great ideas for grades 2-6, free download, Core Knowledge

Dynasties of China, grade 4 but great ideas for grades 4-7, free download, Core Knowledge

How did the Shang Dynasty Keep Control?  lesson plan

Chinese Invention Stations, Classroom Activity, Mr. Roughton

China (Mr. Roughton) with activities like Law and Order: Marco Polo, and Culture Shock: China

Lesson Plan, story map, by scroll

Journey to Shu, story scroll

Choose Your Own Adventure (from a long and creative list of Classroom Activities and Possible Assignments)

Shang & Chou Dynasties PowerPoints

Chinese New Year Lesson Plans & Stories for Kids

Family in Children's Literature

Learning Modules/Resources

Daily Life in 4 Dynasties (Donn)

Ancient Chinese Inventions (Donn)

Confucius (Donn)

Animals of the Chinese Calendar (Donn)

Chinese History (Electronic Passport)

Free Presentations in PowerPoint format

Free Ancient China Games

Ancient Chinese Stories

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