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For many thousands of years, the ancient Chinese believed in many gods and goddesses. They believed in magical dragons and ghosts. They believed their ancestors watched over them, and would protect them, provided they prayed in the right way. They did many things to protect themselves from evil and to make sure they would have a happy life. For example, they believed their front door had to face south if they wanted a happy life. They had many superstitions. They held many festivals to honor their gods. They even had an annual birthday party for ghosts, so ghosts would be honored and remembered, and have a good time.

Honoring their gods and their ancestors was something the ancient Chinese did every day.

Ancient Chinese Gods & Goddesses

Ancestor Worship

Oracle Bones

The Three Teachings




Magical Dragons

Ancient Chinese Superstitions

The Lantern Festival

Ancient Chinese Festivals

Interactive Quiz for Ancient China (with answers)