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Wang the Peddler
Story Answers
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The story of Wang the Peddler tells us quite a lot about daily life in Han times, in both the city and in the country.

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Here is what we found about daily life in the story of Wang the Peddler:

  1. long carrying pole

  2. bamboo baskets swinging at both ends

  3. charcoal

  4. wooden comb

  5. copying imperial fashion (by wanting an imperial style comb)

  6. city gates

  7. string of cash

  8. decorated city, with banners

  9. balconies

  10. leather slippers

  11. fur coat to purchase

  12. only one bow. Did good manners dictate more? Probably.

  13. mirror - unknown in the remote areas of the countryside, but possibly new to this time

Do you think Wang's young wife liked her present? We do! We think she'll be the envy of the village. Wang had never seen a mirror. Most probably, his wife and all the villagers had never seen one either!

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